Virtual orthodontic consultation

The perfect smile significantly affects your success. Approach interview, sales, and significant events with confidence. Our virtual orthodontic consultation fits into any schedule to get you on your way to looking your best.

When do I need braces?

Four-point-five million Americans wear braces. Of people using these devices, only 80 percent are between the ages of six and eighteen. Even adults experience improvement when using these devices.

There are many reasons beyond looking better for visiting an orthodontist. Crooked teeth can threaten the rest of your mouth, you may have lost your baby teeth relatively early, or you may have a difficult time chewing your food. Of course, many people still obtain braces for cosmetic reasons.

Phase One orthodontic treatment addresses many issues beyond cosmetics. Treatments such as palatal expansion braces help to ensure both a perfect smile and a healthier life.

Issues with chewing require particular action, especially for children. Nutrition is important at a young age.

What types of braces are available?

There are multiple types of braces. Children and those experiencing significant issues usually utilize metal versions. They may also require additional devices to straighten extremely crooked teeth.

Invisible and ceramic options are available if you are looking for a less visible or permanent solution. Most people use these devices for a cosmetic reason, and adults often do not want to travel to work with highly presentable metal in their mouth.

What is virtual orthodontic consultation?

Virtual consultations look for issues related to your teeth before referring to a trained professional. Our website allows you to contact professionals and ascertain the next steps. We utilize photographs of your smile taken from multiple positions to begin an assessment of options that will work for you.

It is vital to obtain an opinion from a trained orthodontist before making a final decision. This means finding a local specialist capable of assessing your needs and capacity to pay. Orthodontists are highly competent experts who undergo an additional three years of training to evaluate problems.

What do braces typically cost?

Treatment can be expensive, costing up to $5000 or more. These devices also require a significant time investment of up to three years or more. Faced with cost and time, it is important to find a solution that works for you.

We overview your capability to pay and solutions that work for your lifestyle and time in our initial appointment. Once in the office, we will also prepare X-rays for a proper diagnosis of your existing condition and proceed to refine our virtual assessment.

Braces, while often used for cosmetic purposes are also essential for a variety of issues. Children, in particular, require these devices to avoid future problems with chewing, health, and nutrition. SelectBraces allows you to find an orthodontist capable of fitting your needs near you.

Our virtual orthodontic consultation fits into your schedule and sets you on the path to a better smile and even a better life. Contact us today to receive a free online consultation and quote from a local orthodontist.


Virtual orthodontic consultation

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