Photodynamic Therapy Schaumburg

Advanced Skin Health Solutions Appointment Request Photodynamic Therapy or Blu-U The severest of acne has been treated with the oral medication Acutance for a number of years. Concerns over side effects have made the medication far less popular. “High Dose PDT” procedure is carries none of the associated risks of oral isotretinoin. PDT is a

Acne Scarring Schaumburg

Advanced Skin Health Solutions Appointment Request Acne Scarring Acne scars are usually the result of inflamed blemishes caused by skin pores engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. The pore swells, causing a break in the follicle wall. Shallow lesions are usually minor and heal quickly. But if there is a deep break

Acne Treatment Schaumburg

Advanced Skin Health Solutions Appointment Request Acne Vulgaris Acne occurs when the pores become plugged. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and deeper lumps (cysts or nodules), occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, and even the upper arms. Acne is experienced by both teenagers and adults. Although acne can be upsetting and disfiguring, break outs can

Hyperpigmentation Schaumburg

Advanced Skin Health Solutions Appointment Request Common Questions About Hyperpigmentation ZO® HQ Pigmentation System ZO® Skin Health systems are the most effective treatments for all skin types. ZO® Medical and ZO® Skin Health products provide deep penetration and activation that optimize lasting results. New and expanded protocols support therapeutic treatments of acute and chronic disorders,

Worker’s Comp Doctor Schaumburg

Worker's Compensation Exams Q&A Appointment Request What happens during a workers' compensation examination? First, you'll be asked to explain the conditions and accident that caused the injury. Be as detailed as possible, and don't leave out any factors or descriptions as they can be very important in determining your immediate and long-term treatment needs. Next,

Diabetes Schaumburg

Diabetes Q&A Appointment Request What is diabetes? Diabetes is a long-term (sometimes lifelong) metabolic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough or any insulin, or when the body does not use insulin correctly. Insulin helps balance the amount of sugar, or glucose, in the blood. Maintaining this balance is critical for promoting

Physicals Schaumburg & Annual Check-ups Specialist

Physicals & Annual Exams Q&A Appointment Request What happens during a physical exam? Each annual exam will begin with a conversation about the patient’s health and a review of their personal and family medical history. During the physical portion of the exam vital signs will also be taken including, breathing levels, cholesterol levels, blood pressure,

Back Pain Schaumburg

Back Pain Q&A Appointment Request What causes back pain? Back pain is a symptom of a medical condition. Some of the medical concerns that can cause back pain include the following: Mechanical issues: Mechanical issues have to do with the movement of the spine. Degenerated discs, herniated discs, wearing of facet joints and muscular issues

Immigration Medical Exam Chicago

Immigration Exams Q&A Appointment Request What is an immigration exam? The United States Immigration process requires certification of health and vaccinations. This certification must be carried out by civil surgeon designated by the immigration authorities to perform the exam and certify that the individual does not pose a risk to the U.S. on public health

Hypertension Schaumburg

Hypertension Q&A Appointment Request What is hypertension? Hypertension is another term for high blood pressure. As blood circulates, the heart's pumping action causes pressure inside the blood vessels. This pressure typically occurs within normal low and high boundaries. Hypertension occurs when the pressure inside the blood vessels exceeds the normal high level. Over time and

Allergy Treatment Schaumburg

Allergy Treatment & Testing Q&A Appointment Request What are allergies? An allergy is a hypersensitive immune response to a substance called an allergen. When a person has an allergic reaction, the body fights the allergen as if it were a pathogen and tries to eliminate it from the system. An acute reaction to an allergen

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