Rehab In Draper

Rehab In Draper

Studies estimate that almost half of everyone who goes through rehab will relapse at least once on their journey towards full-time recovery. For this reason, a lot of rehab facilities have an aftercare program that supports patients long after they leave the program. Our program customizes the aftercare plan to suit all your needs and will likely combine more than one treatment plan to help you recover.

Benefits of choosing a rehab with an aftercare program

Easier to commit

How many ads have you seen marketing the rehab’s services and not giving enough data on the aftercare program? Some rehabs do not have the resources for an aftercare service, and some only care about the inpatient programs. You want to choose a rehab that participates in your healing during and after your treatment to reinforce the lessons you picked up from the inpatient service. Our goal is to continue helping you with coping skills, mindfulness, and techniques that allow you to reshape your life.

Outpatient counseling

What is the core of the outpatient counseling session? Participants want to feel like they get the same attention and experience in an inpatient service for the best recovery. We have several therapy sessions to give you one-on-one counseling and help you understand your path in the free world.

The individual and group counseling programs will help you dig out your issues, so you can return to sobriety and find a new world of thoughts to empower your growth. Our goal is to give you the ability to change your behavior without falling prey to the same situations and influences that landed you in a drug addiction pattern.

Fast access to medical help

Substance abuse is a long-term recovery process that will take all your physical, mental, and emotional energy. You want to choose a rehab with all the resources to support your medical health and offer all the correct prescription assistance. Our team has a wide range of professionals who will check on a lot of different medical conditions, including the following:

  • Weight
  • Muscular atrophy
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing

It is essential to make sure the rehab’s professionals also have the right programs to monitor your mental health. Annie’s House carries out regular assessments on the patient’s mental state and will use a range of treatment methods like psychodrama to support your psychiatric health.

Wellness therapy

Trauma affects the ability of one to function normally in life. The unfortunate news is that many people will not completely heal the trauma even after they leave rehab; hence, they need trauma therapy to support their wellbeing. We will customize and put together a wellness program designed to give you precisely what you need and increase your self-awareness for creating long-term sobriety.

Lifetime therapy is a non-negotiable service at our house because we know that each needs personalized care to recreate their new life. Feel free to contact us today for more information on the same via our rehab in Draper.

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Rehab In Draper

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