Pasadena Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Pasadena Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Pax House Recovery offers comprehensive Pasadena drug and alcohol treatment in a safe, compassionate environment and supportive staff committed to your success. Whether it’s your first time seeking treatment or you’ve been in and out of therapy with no success, you’ll find a new home beyond the walls of Pax House Recovery.

What Makes Us Different

We’re not your typical Pasadena drug and alcohol treatment facility offering 30-days of residential care and nothing more. We don’t believe in the way revolving door rehabs run things, and our staff is dedicated to providing you much more than what you’ll find at another local treatment facility.

We’ve found that effective, long-term recovery requires a full continuum of care, starting with detox and providing ongoing support long after residential treatment is completed. At Pax House, we treat the whole person- not the addiction, which is why you’ll find holistic treatment options that include bowling, hiking, physical fitness, music and art therapy, meditation, yoga, and many additional activities to complement the 12 steps.

Luxury Treatment

When it comes to amenities, few Pasadena drug and alcohol treatment rehabs can rival with Pax House Recovery. Our treatment facility is located in the beautiful foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Recovery experts consistently agree that luxury amenities and panoramic views are conducive to healing- and we think they’re absolutely right in their assessment. Clients at Pax House enjoy gourmet meals prepared by our resident Le Cordon Bleu chef.

Take the First Step

Your journey to wellness starts with a single step. Make a phone call to Pax House to schedule an evaluation to determine whether you need to detox before residential treatment. If detox is necessary, you’ll experience minimum discomfort through medication-assisted detox if required.

Don’t make the mistake of detoxing at home or a friend’s house; these efforts are typically interrupted and very often lead to relapse. Your best chances of success in detox are at Pax House under medical supervision.

Structured Residential Treatment

At Pax House Recovery, you’ll receive education about your addiction and help in developing new skills in avoiding triggers that lead to relapse. Since 30 days of treatment is rarely enough time to disengage from everyday habits and learn to use newly developed skills, we additionally offer 60 and 90-day treatment options.

Aftercare at Pax House

Outpatient programs, aftercare, and Sober Living Homes all make it possible for you to stay the course and live a life free from addiction. We offer ongoing support for as long as you need or want to stay engaged.

We are proud to be one of the only Pasadena drug and alcohol treatment facilities offering outpatient programs to those who have chosen not to go through residential treatment. Many of our programs are very much like the ones we provide during residential treatment and can allow clients to continue working, going to school, or living at home. Feel free to call Pax House for more information on drug and alcohol treatment.

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