Neuropathy Treatment Long Beach

Neuropathy Treatment Long Beach

Neuropathy is a disease that causes damage to peripheral nerves and is typically associated with diabetes. The symptoms usually include reduced motor skills, numbness, and a tingling sensation in limbs such as hands and feet. 

Our natural cryotherapy treatment uses a near freezing stream of air targeted at the affected areas to increase blood flow and consequently reduce the numbness, tingling, or burning sensations. This is a completely new way of using cryotherapy that has not been used before. 

Cryotherapy is the use of a cold spray to improve the blood flow to a painful body part to improve healing and decreased pain. Using sensors to measure the skin temperature, a CO2 gas flow is aimed at a painful body area for 30-60 seconds. This, in turn, will cause a significant increase in blood flow in the inflamed area. This increased blood flow will allow healing of the area.

During our trial phase, patients said that symptoms have decreased significantly and can enjoy their day better. 

Previous versions of the treatment embody pharmaceutical medication that have potential side effects. Our treatment is 100% natural and safe for everyone.

Neuropathy Treatment Long Beach

Cryotherapy Pain Management


Neuropathy Treatment Long Beach

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