Medical Assisted Addiction Treatment Tarzana

Medical Assisted Addiction Treatment Tarzana

Opioids are extremely addictive and can have adverse health effects. Unfortunately, opioids are so addictive it is often difficult for users to break the addiction cycle without professional help. Tarzana addiction treatment offers effective solutions for people struggling with opioid addiction. Our medical assisted addiction treatment program aims to make it safer and easier for users to stop consuming opioids by controlling the withdrawal symptoms. Struggling with opioid addiction can be extremely frightening and confusing for users and their families. Fortunately, you can seek help by first learning about our drug and alcohol rehab’s available treatment options in Tarzana. One of the treatment options to learn about is medically assisted addiction treatment.


Medically assisted addiction treatment (MAT) is a form of addiction therapy that combines medications with behavioral therapy and counseling. This form of treatment combines medication and psychological counseling, a holistic approach to addiction treatment.

MAT Medications for Opioid Addiction

MAT uses at least one of the FDA-approved medications for addiction treatment. The severity of the addiction determines the type of medication that will be administered.

One of the most popular medications for opioid addiction treatment is methadone. This medication has been FDA approved for opioid addiction since the early ‘70s. It is recommended for addiction treatment because it is extremely effective in controlling cravings. However, unlike heroin and other opioids, methadone has less intense effects when taken as prescribed by a trained professional. It does not cause euphoria or other signs of a high.

Another opioid agonist used in addiction treatment is Buprenorphine. Like methadone, buprenorphine works by binding to brain receptors, making it difficult to abuse opioids. This addiction medication is available in various formulations, including naloxone.

The least common and affordable addiction medication is naltrexone. This medication prevents the euphoric high of opioids and prevents opioid users from feeling the effects they look for in a relapse.

MAT Medications for Alcohol Addiction

Some of the medications our residential inpatient treatment centers in Tarzana use for opioid MAT are also used for alcohol addiction treatment. In addition, some treatment centers may use additional medical, including acamprosate and disulfiram. The latter treat chronic alcohol addiction for people who have completed the first stage of detoxification after abstinence. This medication does not eliminate alcohol cravings. Instead, it causes adverse reactions in case someone relapses. The adverse reactions deter many people from drinking.

Acamprosate helps to minimize alcohol cravings and the long-term symptoms of withdrawal, including anxiety and insomnia. Unlike disulfiram, acamprosate does not cause adverse reactions when someone drinks. Therefore, acamprosate does not prevent a relapse.

Goals of MAT

Whether you need MAT for opioid or alcohol addiction, these programs have similar objectives; to discourage recovering addicts from using and provide them with the tools they need to achieve sustainable recovery. However, there are distinct differences between MAT for opioid addiction and MAT for alcohol addiction.

MAT for opioid addiction is designed to prevent users from experiencing adverse withdrawal symptoms after they stop using. On the other hand, MAT for alcohol addiction prevents relapse after detoxification.

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Medical Assisted Addiction Treatment Tarzana

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Medical Assisted Addiction Treatment Tarzana

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