Md Urgent Care

Md Urgent Care

The Most Trusted MD Urgent Care by Experts

An effective healthcare does not only involve medical treatment alone but should also ensure the positive relationship and proper attention to patients. This is how Family Medical Clinic provides health medication.

We mold an exceptional camaraderie among patients to fully establish the doctor-patient involvement in the overall cooperative health treatment. Most of our clients have fully devoted their trust with the services we provide that is why we have a still growing number of loyal customers. We avoid creating a communicative barrier among our clients by reaching out to them with the personalized approach as it helps them to become more open with their medical conditions. In this way, we can provide immediate support and accurate solutions to their health needs.


Our clinic offers more advanced medical facilities in terms of internal medicine and women’s health care which ensures precise diagnosis, laboratory procedures, and application of medical programs depending on the health condition of the patient.

Our team is composed of experienced healthcare experts with wide-range of specialized medical degrees who can assist you all throughout your medication process. We also have our trusted long-term staff who also took part in our success in the medical industry by giving adaptable customer service and technical expertise.

For the last eight years of delivering effective healthcare operations, we have already reinvented variety of medical support services to any type of patient concerns. These include the primary or basic healthcare for walk-in patients, MD urgent care support that mostly caters emergency-type of treatment, accident therapy, onsite laboratory services and diagnosis upon consultations, and the beauty and wellness option. In addition, we also conduct a 24-hour physical service for both home and school patients accommodating all age types. With these services, we are able to meet our goal of reaching out to the community’s medical needs regardless of race, age, social status, or religion.

For injury types of medication, we ensure the highest quality of bone damage care. We give a medical plan for step by step treatment and therapy procedures to warrant the best recovery result that you can get from us. These injuries can emerge from auto, work, road, boat, slip, fall, or pedestrian accidents which oftentimes inevitable to anyone. Hence, we collaboratively enhance our medical team to constantly supply you with an excellent service that best caters to your needs.

MD Urgent Care Service

This type of care offers immediate support for patients who need minor medical attention such as slight injuries like strains or sprains, cuts, shallow wounds, scratches, minimal bone fractures, acute pains, burns, and small surgical procedures.

You don’t need to reserve an appointment with the clinic for any of the mentioned conditions because we prioritize direct care and treatment as an important goal of our institution. We make sure that you get proper medical attention anytime that is why we conduct open-late service to extend our medical duty for emergency conditions.

Contact Details

For any inquiries or concerns about the Family Medical Clinic service, you can always reach us at (786) 349-4753 for Homestead or (305)603-7824 for Kendall. You can also visit our website and check the latest updates on our services and send your messages or concerns using our website contact form. The daily office schedule for walk-in clients is Monday to Thursday 8am-7pm, Friday 9am-4pm, and Saturday, 9am-2pm.

MD urgent care for everyone

At the Family Medical Clinic, we offer the highest quality care that surpasses MD urgent care. We have a group of highly experienced physicians and nurses to help patients overcome health ailments. When should you go to urgent care?You must visit urgent care if you or your loved one experiences a life-threatening medical emergency. Common examples include experiencing a heart attack, a serious head injury, an accident injury, a fracture, etc. For any illness or injury that requires immediate medical …

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