Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Center

Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Center

A severe addiction to drugs or alcohol requires professional intervention and recovery services to prevent a relapse. If you’re battling an addiction, you may have tried to quit many times without experiencing positive results. Without medications and around-the-clock supervision, your recovery efforts will most likely fail, but there’s good news if you’re ready to leave your addiction in the past- Bewell Recovery can provide the support, structure, programs, and recovery services necessary to break the chains of addiction. Make a call to our Los Angeles addiction treatment center at 866-317-8395 to learn more.

7 Reasons Why Professional Treatment is Better Than Quitting Cold Turkey

1. The vast majority of cold turkey efforts fail. If you fear going through withdrawals, consider the fact that most addicts who try to quit on their own by abstaining from using or drinking will have to undergo withdrawals more than once to finally beat their addiction. A commitment to detox in our addiction treatment centers will mean a one-time detox in a safe environment.

2. Top rehab centers in Los Angeles make comfort medications available to patients going through intense withdrawals. Our staff at Bewell Recovery can keep you safe and comfortable during detox, versus painful physical withdrawals and psychological confusion if you quit cold turkey.

3. Customized programs are designed to fit your lifestyle. Choose from residential rehab, outpatient drug rehab, extended care, Sober Living housing, engaging activities, and more. Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all journey, rather, it’s most effective when geared to each patient.

4. Addiction treatment programs are meant to complement your efforts at overcoming addiction, so you don’t have to walk through withdrawals and recovery on your own.

5. Your privacy is a priority for most treatment centers in Los Angeles; certainly it is for our staff at Bewell Recovery. If you’re seeking a safe haven to address addiction, checking into one of the reputable treatment centers in Los Angeles is the best option. Going cold turkey will almost certainly mean friends and family will discover the severity of your addiction.

6. You might think that going through detox at home without any help from a professional will be difficult but manageable, and that once it’s over, you’ll be free to live your life without the pressures of addiction. In truth, you’ll need many months of treatment to avoid ending up back at square one. Recovery services needed to effectively treat addiction include extended care, residential treatment, sober living housing, and relapse prevention services.

7. There are severe side effects associated with going cold turkey, including death. Our Los Angeles addiction treatment center can keep you comfortable during the most intense withdrawals, providing 24-hour supervision and comfort meds, all to minimize discomfort and pain.

Consider everything we have to offer you at Bewell Recovery before attempting to go cold turkey or taper off from drugs or alcohol. At-home recovery attempts very rarely succeed; it’s far better to reach out to our rehab for resources, support, and professional recovery services when you need to make a change.

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Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Center

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