Intensive Outpatient Program Harrisburg PA

Intensive Outpatient Program Harrisburg PA

An intensive outpatient program in Harrisburg PA is the perfect solution for many entering the world after rehabilitation. Bold Steps Behavioral Health provides a caring hand to help you avoid becoming yet another statistic.

Reentering Life after Rehab

Life after rehab is hard. Many are thrust back into an old life filled with the pressure to relapse. Between 40 and 60 percent of people exiting rehab use within thirty days. Many fail to take advantage of the opportunities offered by outpatient care.

From co-workers and the stress of a job to former friends living in our neighborhood, there is always the pressure to fall back into old habits. Anything at any time can create an overwhelming craving.

Common Triggers

Some triggers are more prevalent and destructive than others. Among these are:

  • The people you associate with
  • Common stressors such as a tough workday
  • Where you live and the proximity to drugs and alcohol

Even family may create the perfect storm. Addiction may run in the family or you may experience abnormal levels of stress stemming from your family life.

Building the Strength to Survive

Remaining sober means learning to overcome these pain points. It is often not enough to find your demons. You must also learn to tackle them as they come.

Outpatient care offers this. Our therapists enter the fray with you. Gain the care you need throughout the week to thrive.

The Right Life Care Balance

Outpatient care seeks to help you avoid being thrust directly into the world without a support network. Rehab programs that offer no support may thrive on repeat offenders but those that work do not expect you to fly from the nest with a strong headwind.

Everyone is different and requires a different level of care. Some may need intensive outpatient care programs, IOPs, where they can live for days at a time while getting back on their feet. Others may only need a few hours of counseling per week.

Your therapist should work with you to determine the best course of action as you go back to work, school, and your life. They can help you take on anything.

Can my family help me survive?

Despite the extensive support that outpatient therapists provide, many still believe that their family offers the best place to thrive within. That is not always the case.


  • Can view addicts with pessimism
  • May promote bad habits
  • Can be a source of stress

Returning to your family can be a great way to find sympathy. However, therapists offer pure empathy and solutions. When your family offers a loving place to spend most nights, an intensive outpatient care program helps when things get out of hand.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Harrisburg PA

An intensive outpatient program in Harrisburg PA offers support for locals looking to re-enter society. Bold Steps Behavioral Health combines knowledge of overcoming addiction with a caring and supportive community.

Give yourself the opportunity to succeed. Get in touch with our professionals today and learn about our inpatient and outpatient care opportunities.

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Intensive Outpatient Program Harrisburg PA

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