Hormone Replacement Therapy Boerne

There are many reasons that you may need hormone replacement therapy in Boerne. If you do, the intimate and personalized setting Innovative Urgent Care and Family Clinic offers is a better option than a hospital or clinic where you are simply a number.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy, also known as postmenopausal  therapy, seeks to treat the symptoms associated with menopause. Doctors prescribe a customized treatment regimen consisting of estrogen pills, patches, rings, or gels aimed at regulating your hormone levels.

The goal is to help you feel better. There are no invasive procedures involved and the process is proven to work in clinical trials. You should not allow these symptoms to become severe, even if they feel superficial as they hinder more than just daily life.

Who needs hormone replacement therapy?

Women suffering from the effects of menopause often benefit from replacement therapy. A hormone replacement therapist alleviates:

  • Vaginal discomfort
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep problems
  • Chills
  • The impact of premature menopause
  • Weight gain and slowed metabolism

If your life is significantly impacted by these symptoms, it is because your body is used to a certain level of estrogen. Visiting a hormone testing clinic can help point you on the right path.

Hormone Replacement for Non-Menopausal Issues

There are other reasons that you may choose to undergo hormone replacement therapy as well. Among them are issues related to puberty.

These issues are incredibly rare and you should consider consulting a doctor prior to taking action. This treatment is not feminizing hormone therapy despite being similar. We can help you ascertain if any treatment is right for you.

Cost of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy, HRT, is a long term solution coming with a real cost. The annual fee ranges from $1560 to $2440 after a consultation.

Most insurance agencies cover the cost of therapy. There may be a minor out of pocket cost for treatment.

Even out of pocket, HRT costs less than many other forms of long term treatment. Diabetes medications cost as much as $380 per prescription while mood stabilizers run at roughly the same cost. Many of the symptoms HRT treats come with multiple treatments.

Benefits of a Family Clinic

If you are ready to try HRT, an urgent care and family clinic may be the right setting. Hospitals increasingly target emergency situations and highly invasive, non-routine care. Everything comes at a relatively high cost.

In contrast, a small clinic offers a personalized experience in a smaller setting. We also offer services at a more reasonable cost. The average hospital trip costs as much as $2000 while the typical urgent care trip costs less than $200 before a prescription.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Boerne

If you suffer from the symptoms of early menopause or experience significant discmfort, hormone replacement therapy in Boerne may be for you. Innovative Urgent Care and Family Health Clinic offers personalized care for every patient.

When you are ready to get back to a healthy productive life, schedule an appointment. We are happy to help.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Boerne

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Boerne

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