Emergency Vet Aventura

Emergency Vet Aventura

Your pet is an important member of your family so when he isn’t feeling well or suffers an injury you need professional help. An emergency vet in Aventura will evaluate and diagnose your pet’s health and recommend treatment options. It is best to seek veterinary care whenever your pet is ill or when he has been injured.

How to know if Your Pet is Sick

Most pet parents understand the regular behaviors of their pets. The first indication that your pet isn’t feeling well may be a change in his regular routine. He may sleep more than usual and might not want to eat. It is important to take notice of these changes so you can monitor your pet’s health. You may want to known when you should take your pet to the emergency vet in Aventura.

Just like people, your pet may simply have an upset tummy or might feel ill. You can generally monitor your pet for a few hours to see how they are responding. Make sure that your pet is hydrated. Small dogs and cats can become easily dehydrated, especially if they have been vomiting or have diarrhea.

In some cases, dehydration can become extremely serious and even life threatening. Another thing to watch for is lethargy. Your pet should have some energy. If he is sleeping more than usual and doesn’t want to get up, you could be looking at the need for a trip to the emergency vet in Aventura.

Treating Pet Injuries

Pets can suffer accidents and injuries that require medical attention. A fall or a jump from a high place can sometimes cause a fracture or a displacement. Other types of injuries can occur when your pet is hurt by another animal or when it is hit by a car. These kinds of injuries are often serious and require assistance from a qualified emergency vet in Aventura.

Some immediate medical care may include pain medication and x-rays along with other tests that can determine the injury. Since animals cannot tell you when they are in pain or where it hurts, it is up to your vet to locate the problem so it can be treated.

If your pet suffers an injury keep him calm while you evaluate the situation. If the pet is bleeding you need to stop the blood flow and keep the area clean and dry. When the pet was injured by another animal, wash the wound gently with soap and water and hold a clean towel over the wound until you get to the vet.

You may need to watch your pet to see whether the injury is of a serious nature. If the injury worsens you need to contact an emergency vet in Aventura. Provide your vet with as much information as you can to make diagnosis and treatment easier. Your vet can help determine whether you need to bring your pet in immediately. When you are in need of veterinary services contact Sky Lake Animal Hospital for all your pet’s medical needs.

Emergency Vet Aventura

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Emergency Vet Aventura

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