Depression Treatment Centers California

Depression Treatment Centers California

There is a difference between just feeling blue and being depressed. When the depression gets worse, you may need Depression Treatment Centers California.  Depression is serious. It can lead to other health issues and even suicide. Without treatment, it will only get worse. When a person is depressed, it affects all aspect of their life. Sometimes it does require inpatient treatment, but with the care from a depression treatment center California, it is a step towards reducing or even getting rid of the symptoms of depression and will allow you to live a full life again.

Depression is classified as a mood disorder, and it can change every aspect of your life. Not only does it change the way you feel about things, but the way you behave and reason things out. With depression, you may have a general feeling of being down. The real problem is when you can not or do not know how to pull yourself out of it and start feeling better. This is when medical intervention is necessary. There are different kinds of depression, and each one has specific causes or reasons. They do all share some of the same symptoms.

Major Depression is the kind that is most common. This is according to the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Major depression is when you have a low mood along with the loss of interest in things you once enjoyed. People with this type of depression tend to have several episodes in their lifetime.  With treatment from a depression treatment center, the patient can overcome most of these symptoms and learn how to cope when an incident occurs.

Persistent depressive disorder or Dysthymia is when you experience the feeling down or depressed mood most of the time. This means that it lasts most of the day, every day, for at least two years. The episodes where you are not depressed never continue for more than two months. The patient with this kind of depression usually has multiple symptoms.

Perinatal depression is also known as Postpartum Depression.  This kind occurs right after childbirth and is caused by the hormonal changes of pregnancy and childbirth.

There are other kinds of depression, but all share some symptoms. To be diagnosed there must be five of the nine symptoms that are happening over the same two week period. At least one must be the depressed mood. The nine symptoms include:

– A depressed or generally low mood

– Losing interest in things you once enjoyed

– Variation in your regular sleep pattern

– Having trouble making decisions or being able to concentrate

– Sluggish movement

– Feeling of guilt or feeling worthless           

– Being tired more

– A significant change in weight

– Suicidal ideation or attempted suicide

A person with depression can also experience a feeling of irritability or anxiety, focus on negative things from the past, and physical aches and pains not related to anything else.

Here at Reconnect Center, we can help you deal with depression and learn to overcome the feelings of hopelessness and other symptoms of depression.

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