Acne Treatment Elk Grove Village Il

If you are looking for the best acne treatment in Elk Grove Village, IL, then SkyPoint Medical is the right place for you! No other clinic provides as thorough of an evaluation and treatment plan to eliminate acne once and for all! Contact SkyPoint Medical if you are interested in getting rid of your acne.

What is Acne and How Does Acne Develop?

Every day, your hair follicles are shedding dead skin cells, which are carried out of your body by the sebum. Sometimes, the body produces too much sebum and dead skin cells at once, causing them to stick together and clog your pores. This is what results in skin blemishes.

Acne is a skin disease that typically appears in the form of blemishes on the face, neck, back, and shoulders. Across the country, acne frequently affects both adults and teens, diminishing personal appearance and self-esteem. Your body uses sebaceous glands to keep your skin and hair well lubricated. These glands sit just underneath your skin. Sebum is an oily substance that gets secreted by the sebaceous glands that the body creates to keep your hair and skin from drying out. This substance travels up the hair follicle, out of the pores, onto and onto the surface of the skin.

There are a number of causes behind acne, such as genetics, bacteria, skincare products, diet, lifestyle, medication, and hormones. For example, the rise of testosterone can cause your body to create too much sebum. This is why many teens experience acne. If you are an adult or teen experiencing acne, get the best acne treatment in Elk Grove Village, IL at SkyPoint Medical.

Why Do Pimples Develop from Acne?

This phenomenon causes bacteria that naturally is present on your skin in small amounts to flourish within the clogged pore in the sebum, causing inflammation. Acne sometimes appears in the form of whiteheads, depending on the location of the clog and inflammation. Whiteheads are simply closed follicles that become closed off from the air.

Blackheads are clogged follicles too, but they turn a darker color than whiteheads. Pustules are inflamed follicles that become clogged with puss. The worst kind of blemish caused by acne is a cyst, which is a much larger lump that is filled with puss and runs much deeper under the skin.

We Provide Customized Acne Treatment

Now that you understand what acne is and how it develops, you probably would like to know what you can do to alleviate or minimize your problem and enhance your personal appearance as quickly as possible. The catch is that many of the creams and makeup products that people use to cover and prevent acne actually contribute to the onset of acne. The first thing to do is to visit with an acne care specialist at SkyPoint and get custom acne treatment in Elk Grove Village, IL. We’ll provide you with a thorough examination to determine the source of your acne and how best to make it go away.

We create customized regimens that are designed specifically for each patient that we treat. Treatment options include skin brightening, Acne Therapy, antibiotics, chemical peels, and other treatment methods.


Acne Treatment Elk Grove Village Il

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